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Weekly news: Morgan Freeman in StarCraft2, and another CS:GO event

Weekly major events: Microtransactions in StarCraft2, Another CS:GO LAN-event

Snoop dog meets Star Craft II

In the Reddit a few users publiced screenshots of an Blizzards questionnaire. In it developers want to know players opinion about the potential microtransactions in StarCraft2 multiplayer.

Snoop dog starcraft2

Blizzard was interesed in how player would react to the appearance an additional skins, various voice actings and new emoji in StarCraft2. The cost of the planned microtransactions ranged from 2 to 4 dollars.

But peoples attention are attracted not by skins but by possible voice acting acters wich will tell every player’s actions in multiplayer matches. In addition to Arthas, Thrall and the owner of Hearthstone Tavern, comment events could Morgan Freeman and Snoop Dogg. In comments to posts on Reddit, some users have said that for the voice of Morgan Freeman they are willing to pay several times more than indicated in the questionnaire development.

Gfinity CS:GO Invitational

Gfinity announced another LAN event for CS: GO as part of the British Eurogamer Expo. 4 teams selected by the organizers will fight for $ 100,000 on Gfinity CS: GO Invitational at 22-25 of September. Invitation to the event was received only by GODSENT team.

gfinity cs:go
Participants of Gfinity CS: GO Invitational start with the single-elimination grid into 4 teams. In the first day professionals will play a show match with the visitors of the Expo, and in 23, 24 September semi-finals will start. At September 25 we will know the names of the holders of the trophy and the largest share of the prize pool, which is $ 100 000. The format of matches remains unknown, but at last year Gfinity Champion of Champions all games were Best of 5 . Then the victory was celebrated Team EnVyUs.

Gfinity – the largest organizer of eSports competitions on the territory of the United Kingdom. The company was founded in early 2013 and since then has spent 4 LAN Event for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and several championships in other disciplines.

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New documentaries, promoting in eSport and the new champions

Riot documentary

Another Documentary from RIOT and other news

PES 2017: eSports League

PES eSport

Konami has confirmed that Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 will receive a feature that will allow anyplayer who wishes to take part in PES eSports League.

PES eSports League – a competition that will allow to fight for the title of best player of PES 2017. That function will be available after the game’s release in mid-September. Representatives of Konami said that they are trying to make the game better and more attractive for gamers and to eSports market – one of the steps to promote the series.

PES 2017 and FIFA 17 both become more and more interesting.

Trailer of the new series of documentaries about the League of Legends competitive players

Riot documentary

Riot Games recently released a new documentary Live / Play movies about ordinary players of League of Legends, and now it is the turn of competitive players.

A series of documentary films Legends Rising began last year and will return traditionally before the “Worlds” championship, in which the best teams in the world will compete for the title of world champions in League of Legends. Starting from September 7 will be released six series of such well-known players like Rekkles, Wildturtle, Clearlove, Chawy, Revolta and Smeb. Watch for the release of documentaries on the official channel LoL eSports.

SK Gaming – champions ofCS: GO

CS GO Champions

Without much struggle in the final of ESL One Cologne 2016 Brazilian part of SK Gaming became the world champion in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The victory was won with a score of 2: 0 in Bo3, so we can safely say that they win this championship quite easy. The winning team received 500 thousand dollars, thanks to a new prize pool championships, approved in February of this year.

It is worth mentioning that the opponents of SK Gaming, Team Liquid, for the first time participated in the final competition of this level, so they are getting here is already an achievement for the team.

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Overwatch – new cybersport hit?

Overwatch – new cybersport hit?

Red Fox Insights followed the Overwatch and the anticipated surge that caused the game to the eSports (cybersport) scene.

Overwatch esport

607 survey of the target audience of gamers have been conducted that have asked whether they watch the cyber competition on a weekly basis. Responded positively asking for some of the upcoming FPS they followed most readily – Battleborn, LawBreakers or Overwatch. In 75.6% of cases it was the Overwatch.

  • Look eSports every week: 75.15% more like Overwatch
  • All respondents: 68.86% more like Overwatch

Overwatch Focus on e-sports

Creating a new phenomenon in eSports – is a complex and unpredictable process. Developers and publishers announce competitive games and declare their intention to bring them in cyber disciplines. But by themselves, such statements do not guarantee that the game will gather around the lively community. To this end, it should be something exceptional, it must be spectacular and include a space for the development of game skills and comparisons of competitive ability.

Overwatch meets these criteria and therefore attracts more attention.

Partnership in eSports

Overwatch competitive open
Open beta test ended in Overwatch, and took part in it by millions of players. Released on May 24 and we’re seeing more and more signs of the future success of the new game from Activision Blizzard. ESPN recently explained why Overwatch waiting popularity of eSports. Professional teams such as Cloud9, Luminosity Gaming and Team Liquid, already selected and recorded Overwatch compositions. For tournaments, the game has already found sponsors and made up the schedule. Close partner in the face of Dolby «sponsor the tournament Overwatch, which will be held a few days after release.” The prize pool will be $ 10,000.

The growth of eSports community

Overwatch cybersport
Major partners and well-known teams have already noticed the potential of Overwatch. However, the main factor determining success is the community of gamers, watching games and participating in them.


Scott Mercer, chief designer of Overwatch, well aware of the importance of the eSports community. In an interview with ESPN, Scott says:

“We understand that we can not achieve the popularity of Overwatch in eSports, just make the game exciting. It is necessary that at it was fun to watch. We must give the commentators the tools to not only explain to the audience what is happening, but also to tell amazing stories … We have also applied for potential ideas in the field of conventional sport broadcasting to the professionals. So we have something to strive for in terms of functionality broadcasts Overwatch, and we will continue to work in this direction. “

Red Fox Insights study shows that Blizzard efforts were not in vain.

Blizzard not only has ideas for new maps and characters, they consider the best option “to add them in the form of free patches, not in the form of [paid] DLC“.

Free DLC will maintain interest in the game, not allowing the separation of the players on those who bought and who have not acquired the paid content.


Interest of professional teams, in addition to other familiar shooter game style, attracts sponsorships money, and focus on strengthening of community growth. A mass audience attracted to simplified management and entertainment. All indications are that the Overwatch waiting eSports (cybersport) success after release.

Red Fox Insights study includes 607 interviews and more than 7800 responses from the target audience of gamers with site

  • 93.8% of them are men, 6.2% women
  • 51.4% in the 18-24 age group
  • 31.3% aged 25-34 years
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Riot: Live/Play, new client. Footballer that choose eSport

Riots: Live/Play, new client. Footballer that choose eSport

Draft-pick in new client

Riot new LoL client

Riot Games already testing testing new client of League of Legends, and the new update will add to it the draft pick – an integral part of the rank of games where you can beat the opponent before the game.

The team has worked on the system, highlighting the steps of draft and their significance. For example, bans on stage now highlighted much brighter than it is now on the primary client. In addition, the Champions now react on their ban, they say some new phrases. Firstly draft-pick will be tested in the casual(quick) games, and only then, when the Riot make sure that everything works as it should, in the customer’s alpha introduce ranking games and the accompanying tables, statistics, divisions and other .

At the same time very soon the store will appear in the client, which will open the opportunity to make purchases for real money. In other words, the new client is close enough to a state where developers will be able to replace the current version, which really is time to rest.


Riot live/play

If you actively follow the Riot Games out of League of Legends, you probably are familiar with her documentaries that illuminate the lives of ordinary players of the most popular MOBA and their history.

Live / Play – just a documentary, which this year decided to split into several mini-movies. Trailer of the series already appeared on the network, and in addition to all the rest you can see the popular YouTuber Foxdrop known as one of the best foresters among the creators of video content on the League of Legends.

It remains to look forward to the beginning of the series.

eSport > Sport

Brazilian footbaler

27-year-old Brazilian footballer Wendell Lira, being a professional player of the FIFA, decided to leave the real sport, and to go into the virtual to become a pro player and a champion in one of the most famous football simulator from EA.

Until recently, Wendell was a player of one of Brazilian football clubs, Goianesia, as a striker. However, after he won FIFA’s 2015 Puskas Award for the best year and has signed a contract with another club, Vila Nova. Footballers things went no better, and in May this year, a few days before the 9th anniversary of his professional career Lira broke an agreement with the club, and after some hesitation decided to go in eSports.