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Worlds 2018 will be held in Korea


League of Legends: World Championship 2018

Riot games announced locations of all 4 major tournaments for League of Legends in the 2018 year. And one of these majors is a World Championship, also known as Worlds. This time Worlds will be held in South Korea.


Other tournaments are:

  • MSI 2018 – Germany, France;
  • Rift Rivals 2018 – North America, China, Brazil, Australia, Vietnam;
  • All Start 2019 – North America.

Last time South Korea hold LoL World Championship in the 2014 year when in finals the world-wide famous Imagine Dragons showed themselves. Among all community of the League of Legends, the final of that tournament is recognized as one of the best cybersport events in League of Legends.

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Overwatch | Anniversary

Overwatch Anniversary 2017

Overwatch | Anniversary event

As was promised earlier, on May 23 Overwatch began to celebrate the first birthday of the game. There are no special events like “Uprising” this time, but there are many other interesting additions and changes.

First, all the characters learned to dance: for example, Tracer dances Charleston, Angel – Hustle, and Farra plays on an imaginary guitar. Dancing was added to the emotions section. Secondly, a dozen of legendary skins was created: D.Va can be dressed up in a pinup, and you can make from Lucio a jazz musician (with this skin, even the compositions change on acceleration and healing!). Third, there are a lot of small things – profile icons, replicas, and graffiti.

Overwatch Anniversary event

The above is part of the “Anniversary” and is caught in special containers. As usual, at the time of the event, all standard boxes were replaced with special ones. They will fall until 12 June.

However, not all new cosmetics are available exclusively at the event. Orisa, Sombra, Reaper and Tracer received several standard emotions – they can be obtained at any time.

Anniversary new maps

Finally, Blizzard expanded the list of arenas: “Necropolis” near the Anubis temple, “Castillo” near Dorado and “The Black Forest” near Eichenwald were added to the “Ecological Station: Antarctica“. These arenas will become part of the “Duel” and “Liquidation” regimes and show the life of the heroes of the game (more about this – in the videos below).

Overwatch Anniversary

The rules of these modes, by the way, have changed a little. In “Duels” now there is a limited choice of characters instead of a random hero. And in the “Liquidation” system is blocking one the fighters, with whom you have already won in one of the rounds. That is, the most powerful bundle of Roadhog, Ana, Soldier-76 will from now on be seen much less often.

Blizzard also thought about those who are not familiar with Overwatch yet. The company will hold a free weekend in the game on all platforms from 26 to 30 May. In addition, the shooter is now sales with a discount.

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League of Legends | Ranked matches in Season 7 | Elo SoloQ S7

elo ranked games

League of Legends | Ranking games 2017

In the 2016 year, the Riot games made a huge mistake, they get rid of the SoloQ and DuoQ. Some of the most loyal players took this as a betrayal from their beloved company. But Riots admit that they were wrong, and in 2017 they will bring back SoloQ and DuoQ.

lol elo leagues

For courageous players who love to play in SoloQ or DuoQ Riot bring back Solo/Duo queue. For ones who love competitive spirit it moba games, Riot transform dynamic queue into flexible.

If you having a great joy by playing a League of Legends but just can not afford to play for 20 hours per week to promote his Elo then you can use some services that can boost your account to the desired highs. Just find a decent company to order lol boosting and do everything you can to hold this position.

SoloQ and DuoQ in LoL

The new system is much alike the old one, that was in 2015. Stand in queue solo or with a best friend and do your best to earn Gold or any higher Elo division. The only thing that is looking differently is that now you could choose two roles that your prefer. And the Challenger division available only to Solo players.

Flexible queue

Flexible queue gives an opportunity to play with groups up to five peoples, just like a dynamic queue in season 6 – and those who will play in both queues will receive an additional reward in the season’s end. If you have a team that focused on a victory, then just try to participate in those matches.

Team queue that LoL has at the moment will be added into the new queue system. FlexQ will be available from 9 p.m. to 4 p.m. seven days per a week.

Ranking games | Changes in Season 7

We all must rejoice because Riots finally returned SoloQ and DuoQ, but what changes they amplify to them? Let’s look a little bit closer at all changes.

Those of you who follow Riots and read every their comment now may wonder, what are these changes everybody is talking about? During a long time Riots tried to add SoloQ/DuoQ next door to the DynamicQ. All available paths are looked quite bad, and Riot thinks that they will ruin both of these regimes. They even thinking about to enhance just the Dynamic queue to make it cool for everyone, like for the peoples who sincerely hate to play against premade teams.

During Season 6 Riot can enhance their ranking system a lot, and the same structure of the dynamic queue, and that is why they now sure that they could create two separate ranking queues.

Besides of the group size restrictions, we have other differences that these queues have:

  • The ability to carry the whole game with only one champion. Only a few groups of players thinking about their future strategy, but in the SoloQ peoples rely on their ability to carry games just by themselves. Only your ability to play League of Legends in a right way can bring you a victory!
  • The other thing that is much different from the Dynamic queue is the ability to unite the whole team in SoloQ and DuoQ. You need to become a strong leader, that can adapt to the all dangerous that can meet you on your long road to victory.

But the Dynamic Queue will receive next benefits after all solo and duo players will leave the DynamicQ:

  • At the champion choosing screen players need to focus on a creation of a balanced team, think about gaming strategy in the mid and late game. But no all the solo players wanted to adapt to your team.
  • A dynamic queue has it own Meta, where players are focused on an early ganks and push.

Possible Issues

But dividing Dynamic queue into two lesser can affect the waiting time. Every queue needs its own solo players. In different regions, this problem can show itself differently, so Riots will precisely look at the whole situation. If this problem will show itself, then Riots will make changes in a dynamic queue,  and only 5-man-group can enter it.

lol elo divisions

Riots always wanted to give a special competitive experience to the players, wherever they play – group, solo or duo.

Ranked games | champion select

Since the Season 7 the champion selection phase is updated. New Draft pick allows you to choose a primary and secondary position (Mid, Jungle, Top, Support, ADC).

The champion selection phase includes next phases:

  • Pick intent: You can declare a champion that you wanted to play is a short period before and after banning. This has no effect on other players, besides just showing them your favorite champion that you want to play.
  • Banning phase: All players must choose a champion to ban during 30 seconds, banned champion can not be picked by both teams and all bans happen during the same time. Team mates can not ban the same champion, but your choice may be the same, as the enemy team has.
  • Champion selection: Players are given position that based on the 2 roles they chose before in the lobby. Each player pick champion turn by turn.
  • Trade: Players can trade chosen champions. One player can initiate the trade and if the other player confirms the trade, then your champions will be swapped. it is possible to execute multiple trades before the game begins.
  • Leaves: never leave a match, or you will receive a penalty. You will be restricted from the entering ranking queue for 6 minutes. If you leave more than one ranked game, then this time can be increased to one hour.

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Little Nightmares | DLC announced?

Little Nightmares

It’s been exactly three weeks since the moment when a scary puzzle platformer – Little Nightmares from the authors of the LittleBigPlanet 3 and Tearaway Unfolded from Tarsier Studios entered the market.

Little Nightmares new cutscene

Coocker Little Nightmare

In honor of this event, the publisher of the game Bandai Namco Entertainment released a new trailer of Little Nightmares with commendable reviews from various game resources. However, do not rush to pass by, even more so if you already have this platformer! The most interesting opens in the last seconds of the video.

In the finale of the trailer, you can see how the main character of the Little Nightmares – Sixth watches at the certain young boy (or girl?), which seems reach the outside world. It’s a pity, that it’s completely unclear whether Tarsier Studios is so hinting at the upcoming DLC, or the next game (maybe about the Fifth or Seventh).

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Rumors: Bayonetta in STEAM


While other companies compete in the sense of humor, SEGA seems serious enough. Apparently, the Japanese are going to port to PC game Bayonetta – is a popular slasher from Platinum Games with sexy lady in the title role.

Sexy lady against angels and demons

Everything started with the fact that SEGA released in Steam free fun 8-Bit Bayonetta. Simple meaning: Bajonetta stands on the ground, bounces, shoots for her enemies and score points. The most interesting is hiding in pictures: there you can find a link that leads to the official website of SEGA.

Bayonetta STEAM

This page is a timer with a reverse readout, and in the background is corporate heavy heel. Some event will take place on 11 April in 12:00. It is logical to assume that SEGA thus alludes to the re-release of Bayonetta for the PC and maybe modern consoles.

Sad news about Bayonetta’s sequel

It should be noted that SEGA will most likely be able to port only the first game in the series. As reported by users of the Forum NeoGAF, rights on Bayonetta 2 remained in the hands of Nintendo — no wonder that sequel was created on their money exclusively for Wii U! However, many fans surely will be happy for the first part: they are very long asked SEGA to port Bayonetta from consoles to a PC.

Of course, the probability remains that the Japanese decided to make fun of thus computing community — after all, today is a April Fool’s day! But the people believed that for the April Fool joke that teaser looks too cool.

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We Happy Few – the Movie


Usually a known games like Hitman or Assassin’s Creed acquire a Movie. But sometimes filmmakers eyeing smaller intellectual property. How, for example, it happened with psychedelic game – We Happy Few that even do not release and still is in “early access”.

Another Video Game will become a Film

According to Variety, production company Gold Circle Entertainment, which gave the world the “Ideal Voice” and “Ghosts in Connecticut“, wished to withdraw the film based on an original game with retrofuturistics world, happiness pills and evil people from independent studios Compulsion Games. And dj2 Entertainment, that also has obligations to transfer to the big screen games like Life Is Strange, Sonic The Hedgehog and Sleeping Dogs, will help them.


While it is too early to say what will come out of the We Happy Few, because the project is only in its early stages, and producers have only started looking for writers and actors.

Meanwhile, the Creative Director of Compulsion Games Guillaume Provost confirms that this is not a joke in honor of the last Day of fools, and adds, thet film company themselves came to developers and enthusiastically expressed “really good” ideas about how to make We Happy Few, while maintaining “a sense of threat, macabre humor and the central theme” of the original.

Last words

While the executive director, DJ2 Entertainment Dmitri Johnson, promises to make a film that “will remain true to the original material,” but “surprise the fans”.

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Destiny: Age of Triumph

Destiny: Age of Triumph

Destiny 2 Leaked Information

Recently a game poster with the release date fo Destiny 2 was leaked. In this poster, we can see that Activision and Bungle will gift to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 pro, Xbox One, Xbox Scorpio and PC users the second part of this great game in September 2017.

Destiny: Age of Triumph

Game: Destiny

Platform: PS3, PS4, X360, Xone

Genre: Action, Rpg, Fps

Release date: 9 September 2014

Developer studio: Bungle

Destiny - online game

But this is just a rumors, and right now developers are creating the final addon for this online-fps from 2014, that called Age of Triumph.

And we want to remind you that Destiny: Age of Triumph will start at the next week already, at 28 of March. And as Bungle said this addon will awake all memories from the past.

In Age of Triumph, developers gain an opportunity to run through legendary classical raids with 390 level of light, try new Daybreak Nightfall modification, get new ammunitions and weapons, find legendary items from the past of the Destiny and much more. As a recap I can say that Destiny: Age of Triumph is a good ending of this game.

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Street Fighter V: Plans on future

Steet Fighter

Street Fighters V Will be supported till 2020 year.

Street Fighter V

In the inreview to the Famitsu general producer of Capcom studio Yoshinori Ono tell that the studio have a plans for this game and that they will not end support until 2020 year.

Also Ono said that this is not the title that is supposed to be supported for 1-2 years and company, at the moment, discuss which steps they will do to promote 5 part of this famous fighting. Updates will be regular, but what they will contain, Ono is not ready to tell us.

Capcom planing to release another game of another seria until next part of Street Fighters, but they focused on the promotion of cybersport path of the Street Fighter V and maintaining big events.

Basic informatiom about Street Fighter V

Steet Fighter

Street Fighter V – is a video game in a Fighting Genre, was developed and published by Capcom company. It is 2d fighting with a 3d graphic, the main task of player – achive victory over an opponent with using various combos.

While using those combos you fill energy bar, that has 3 marks (Like in Street Fighter x Tekken). 1 mark is used to provide Special attack – EX-special. And full bar can be using to make a devastating combinations of attacks – Critical Art. Also SFV has a stun bar, if you fill it with your attacks then enemy will be Dizze.

Main feature of this game is a V-Gauge. V-gauge fills after attacks that you receive or after using V-skills. V-gauge marks are various for each character. When you gain at least 1 mark of V-gauge you can perform a V-Reversal, that is analogue to Apha Counter from Alpha seria, and if you fill all marks of V-Gauge you can use your V-Triggerspecific for each character ability  (Increase damage, Summon a partner and etc).

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League of Legends: Results of 2016 season

League of Legends

Riot Games has published the results of the season 2016

Riot Games has summed up the 2016 season, in which named two fives of champions – with the highest ratio of victories and the most selected.

The company also released a list of heroes, whose popularity has grown in 2016, and has collected the most interesting facts about the 17 regions. Kayle, Amumu, Galio, Kog’Mao and Sona finished 2016 with the best ratio of wins and losses. Yasuo, Lee Sin, Lux, Ezreal, Thresh and became the most chosen in the past season.

League of Legends

Players also were more likely to take Zyre in matches, Barda and Yorick. Riot Games has allocated 17 regions for achievements related to Leaugue of Legends. In Russia it was marked by the composition of Albus NoX Luna for excellent performance at the 2016 World Cup and play for Amumu, which kills 5.6 players on average. This figure exceeds by 0.5 Amumu statistics worldwide.

In Western Europe, Riot Games highlighted League Fest. It was held in the UK at the end of August. On it was helded a tournament for 15 thousand pounds of sterling and the country’s biggest cosplay contest. In Northern and Eastern Europe, the main achievement of the season the company chose Comic Con 2016 in Bucharest. North America distinguished 4-meter detailed model of Thresh.


Recap os 2016 season

Riot Games also introduced the “random numbers.” In this column was Gangplank, which on average earned more than all gold, Jeanne, place more totems then anybody else. Zak character ended 2016 with the best KDA. Shiva and Kindred set a record for the number of dead forest monsters. Timo was killed over a billion times.

LoL eSport

The company has made an overview of the 2016 – starting with a new character Jhin, who appeared in the game the first of February, and ending with the World Cup. His finale was held on 29 October. Season 2016 in the League of Legends ended on 7 November. Season-2017, presumably starts on 7 December.


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Overwatch: New hero, map, and mods

Ecostation Overwatch

Overwatch was recently updated and now Sombra was added in hero list. Also developers add new map for 1×1 and 3×3 game mods – Ecostantion: Antarctic, and of course completely new mod – Arcade. Now in quick matches you can not take same hero in team, just like in competiteve, and they greatly reworked almost all heroes.

Welcome – Sombra

Sombra Overwatch

Sombra – universal hero of Assault role. Deal damage at medium range with her sub machine gun, and hack all that lies at her way – First aid kits or enemies.

Sombra Abilities:

  • Hack. Sombra hack an enemy and he can not use his abilities or medkit, making him useless.
  • Disguise. Sombra cover her self in the cloack of shadows and becaming invisiable for enemies, and her movement speed greatly increased. If you use any attacking ability then your disguise will be revealed.
  • Translocation. Sombra throw a small beacon. While this beacon is active she can teleport toward to it (even if it still in air).
  • Impuls. Sombra release impuls that hack all nearby enemies, destroy barrires and shields.
  • Opportunist. Passive ability. With this Sombra see enemies that have low hp at any time.

New map – Ecostantion: Antarctic

Ecostation Overwatch

Map arena for 1×1 and 3×3 mods. First map for these new mods.

Ecostantion: Antarctic was built for the study of abnormal natural phenomena that began to emerge after the Rise of the Machines. Once on this ecostation blizzard appear, and researchers have been cut off from civilization. When food supplies began to come to an end, the scientists decided to dive into cryostasis, in the hope that someday Overwatch find and rescue them. But no one came to help. While scientists were cryogenically frozen, Overwatch disbanded, and all other ecostations was closed. After many years of cryogenic sleep they could be awakened only one researcher – it was Mei.

New game mode – Arcade

Arcade Overwatch

Arcade” – a game mode where players can take part in the matches of various formats with modified rules. It is a converted mode “Brawl”. “Arcade” was announced on November 4, 2016 at BlizzCon 2016.

For every 3 wins in any “Arcade” mode,  you will be rewarded with 1 container. You can get up to 3 containers per week. If you try some new “Arcade” mode for first time, then you will also receive the container.

New Genji outfit – Oni Genji

The appearance can be obtained by following the conditions of the promotional campaign “Nexus Challenge“. From November 15, 2016 to January 4, 2017 you need to play 15 games with friends in Heroes of the Storm in “Against AI” modes, “Quick Play”, “Draft unrated” or “Rating Game”.

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