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Overwatch – new cybersport hit?

Overwatch – new cybersport hit?

Red Fox Insights followed the Overwatch and the anticipated surge that caused the game to the eSports (cybersport) scene.

Overwatch esport

607 survey of the target audience of gamers have been conducted that have asked whether they watch the cyber competition on a weekly basis. Responded positively asking for some of the upcoming FPS they followed most readily – Battleborn, LawBreakers or Overwatch. In 75.6% of cases it was the Overwatch.

  • Look eSports every week: 75.15% more like Overwatch
  • All respondents: 68.86% more like Overwatch

Overwatch Focus on e-sports

Creating a new phenomenon in eSports – is a complex and unpredictable process. Developers and publishers announce competitive games and declare their intention to bring them in cyber disciplines. But by themselves, such statements do not guarantee that the game will gather around the lively community. To this end, it should be something exceptional, it must be spectacular and include a space for the development of game skills and comparisons of competitive ability.

Overwatch meets these criteria and therefore attracts more attention.

Partnership in eSports

Overwatch competitive open
Open beta test ended in Overwatch, and took part in it by millions of players. Released on May 24 and we’re seeing more and more signs of the future success of the new game from Activision Blizzard. ESPN recently explained why Overwatch waiting popularity of eSports. Professional teams such as Cloud9, Luminosity Gaming and Team Liquid, already selected and recorded Overwatch compositions. For tournaments, the game has already found sponsors and made up the schedule. Close partner in the face of Dolby «sponsor the tournament Overwatch, which will be held a few days after release.” The prize pool will be $ 10,000.

The growth of eSports community

Overwatch cybersport
Major partners and well-known teams have already noticed the potential of Overwatch. However, the main factor determining success is the community of gamers, watching games and participating in them.


Scott Mercer, chief designer of Overwatch, well aware of the importance of the eSports community. In an interview with ESPN, Scott says:

“We understand that we can not achieve the popularity of Overwatch in eSports, just make the game exciting. It is necessary that at it was fun to watch. We must give the commentators the tools to not only explain to the audience what is happening, but also to tell amazing stories … We have also applied for potential ideas in the field of conventional sport broadcasting to the professionals. So we have something to strive for in terms of functionality broadcasts Overwatch, and we will continue to work in this direction. “

Red Fox Insights study shows that Blizzard efforts were not in vain.

Blizzard not only has ideas for new maps and characters, they consider the best option “to add them in the form of free patches, not in the form of [paid] DLC“.

Free DLC will maintain interest in the game, not allowing the separation of the players on those who bought and who have not acquired the paid content.


Interest of professional teams, in addition to other familiar shooter game style, attracts sponsorships money, and focus on strengthening of community growth. A mass audience attracted to simplified management and entertainment. All indications are that the Overwatch waiting eSports (cybersport) success after release.

Red Fox Insights study includes 607 interviews and more than 7800 responses from the target audience of gamers with site

  • 93.8% of them are men, 6.2% women
  • 51.4% in the 18-24 age group
  • 31.3% aged 25-34 years

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  1. Wow, that would be great if this game became cyberSport! That game has so amazing gameplay, that i would like to watch it!

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