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Riot: Live/Play, new client. Footballer that choose eSport

Riots: Live/Play, new client. Footballer that choose eSport

Draft-pick in new client

Riot new LoL client

Riot Games already testing testing new client of League of Legends, and the new update will add to it the draft pick – an integral part of the rank of games where you can beat the opponent before the game.

The team has worked on the system, highlighting the steps of draft and their significance. For example, bans on stage now highlighted much brighter than it is now on the primary client. In addition, the Champions now react on their ban, they say some new phrases. Firstly draft-pick will be tested in the casual(quick) games, and only then, when the Riot make sure that everything works as it should, in the customer’s alpha introduce ranking games and the accompanying tables, statistics, divisions and other .

At the same time very soon the store will appear in the client, which will open the opportunity to make purchases for real money. In other words, the new client is close enough to a state where developers will be able to replace the current version, which really is time to rest.


Riot live/play

If you actively follow the Riot Games out of League of Legends, you probably are familiar with her documentaries that illuminate the lives of ordinary players of the most popular MOBA and their history.

Live / Play – just a documentary, which this year decided to split into several mini-movies. Trailer of the series already appeared on the network, and in addition to all the rest you can see the popular YouTuber Foxdrop known as one of the best foresters among the creators of video content on the League of Legends.

It remains to look forward to the beginning of the series.

eSport > Sport

Brazilian footbaler

27-year-old Brazilian footballer Wendell Lira, being a professional player of the FIFA, decided to leave the real sport, and to go into the virtual to become a pro player and a champion in one of the most famous football simulator from EA.

Until recently, Wendell was a player of one of Brazilian football clubs, Goianesia, as a striker. However, after he won FIFA’s 2015 Puskas Award for the best year and has signed a contract with another club, Vila Nova. Footballers things went no better, and in May this year, a few days before the 9th anniversary of his professional career Lira broke an agreement with the club, and after some hesitation decided to go in eSports.


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