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Rumors: Bayonetta in STEAM


While other companies compete in the sense of humor, SEGA seems serious enough. Apparently, the Japanese are going to port to PC game Bayonetta – is a popular slasher from Platinum Games with sexy lady in the title role.

Sexy lady against angels and demons

Everything started with the fact that SEGA released in Steam free fun 8-Bit Bayonetta. Simple meaning: Bajonetta stands on the ground, bounces, shoots for her enemies and score points. The most interesting is hiding in pictures: there you can find a link that leads to the official website of SEGA.

Bayonetta STEAM

This page is a timer with a reverse readout, and in the background is corporate heavy heel. Some event will take place on 11 April in 12:00. It is logical to assume that SEGA thus alludes to the re-release of Bayonetta for the PC and maybe modern consoles.

Sad news about Bayonetta’s sequel

It should be noted that SEGA will most likely be able to port only the first game in the series. As reported by users of the Forum NeoGAF, rights on Bayonetta 2 remained in the hands of Nintendo — no wonder that sequel was created on their money exclusively for Wii U! However, many fans surely will be happy for the first part: they are very long asked SEGA to port Bayonetta from consoles to a PC.

Of course, the probability remains that the Japanese decided to make fun of thus computing community — after all, today is a April Fool’s day! But the people believed that for the April Fool joke that teaser looks too cool.