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The best strategies for climbing in Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight tactics auto battler

Strategies and Champions for Teamfight Tactics boosting

Teamfight Tactics is a new IP by the Riot Games. It is a game in an Auto Battler genre that gains awesome popularity in the past few months. With the release of the ranked mode, you could claim the same ranks as in League of Legends: From Iron to the Challenger. So this guide with the strongest synergies between classes and origins might become extremely useful for you! Use it and you will see how good you are in teamfight tactics boost matches.

Wild Dragons: Shapeshifters, Dragons, Sourcerers, Wild

This is an incredible strategy that is relying on three bonuses, and all of them are crossing with each other. That is why this is quite an easy-to-build an army. For this strategy you will need 7 champions:

  • Shapeshifters to tank – Gnar, Shivanna, Needalee;
  • Wildlings to increase the attack speed – Gnar, Needalee, Ahri, Warwick;
  • Dragons for the magic immunity – Aurelion Sol, Shivanna;
  • Sourcerer to gain a bonus from synergy – Brand, Aurelion Sol, Ahri.

The base of this army is simple – you start with the Ahri, Needalee, and Warwick to quickly gain 3 wild bonus and then expand it with Gnar and Aurelion Sol. If you are unlucky with the Gnar, he could be changed with Regnar for a time, and add an Elise to gain a bonus from shapeshifters a bit earlier.

Aurelion Sol Teamfight Tactics

So let’s talk a bit about items – Sol needs Spear of Shojin or Rabadon’s deathcap to give him two additional attacking skills and increasing his potential.

Assassins from the Void: Assassin, Void

This build could deal a ton of damage to enemy players in the early stage of the game. Thanks to the 3 Void champions you will ignore 50% of armor so that means that you need someone who could deal a terrible amount of damage. Well, Assassins are here and they will deal a ton of damage!

So in this build, you will need the next champion:

  • Cassadin, Kha’Zix, Cho’Gathvoid stalkers that will decrease armor of enemies;
  • Akali, Katarina, Pike, Zed, Talon, Regnar to gain an Assassin’s bonus that will give a chance to deal a million damage with the one blow.

Zed Teamfight Tactics

At the first stages, you could use Rek’Sai as the third Void champion. But the strength of Cho’Gath is incredible, so you need to change Rek’Sai with it as soon as possible. What about items? Regnar and Kha’Zix need all the items but remember that Katarina needs Tear of Goddess to expand here mana pool and cast her spells more frequently.

Full Elementalists: Glacial, Elementalists

This is my favorite – firstly you will freeze enemies and then burn them all to the cinders. Icy champions will hold an enemy team in fear and tank a lot of damage, Elementalist will summon additional unit, while Brand will annihilate all who left alive. Overall for this strategy, you will need the next champions:

  • Volibear, Anivia, Braum, Sejuani, Ashe, Lissandra – for the 6 glacial buff and increased stun chance (in addition to the Volibear and Sejuani abilities);
  • Brand – to finish your elementalists to summon an additional unit that will tank a lot of damage.

Brand teamfight Tactics

Anivia is not the best choice for the role of the Legendary champion, and that is why the function of the third Elementalist must do Kennen. But in this case, you will lose the 6 glacial bonus, and that is not crucial. All the damage will be done by Brand, so additional unit, that will appear thanks to the 3 Elementalists, will be much better. And all items must be stored in the Brand due to his damage output.

TFT Strategies: Conclusion

In this current moment, these are the best combinations and team compositions in Teamfight Tactics, but developers are continuously updating their project and enhancing the game. That is why in the future, more effective compositions might appear, or these might be nerfed. But in this case, I’ll do my best to update this guide or just release another one! Stay frosty:)

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Faker: 5 more things that he should win

League of Legends

He’s in the dialogue for the best esports player of all time. He has won major championships on several continents.

Faker: The legend of the League of Legends, but how he can become better?

However, as we have been reminded of only a couple of weeks back at the yearly League All-Star Event, there are in fact several things Faker has not won. He had been in the running to acquire the one-vs-one championship, but a vital mistake against OCE participant Jackson”Pabu” Pavone resulted in some dramatic angry that nobody saw coming.

That got us to thinking: Are there any other things that Faker has not won? After a lot of names, he may want some reminding that there is still space in his trophy case. He is coming to 2019 using a new-look group filled with celebrities. Add in some excess motivation, and it might be a scary season for anybody seeking to go against God.

Faker lol

Listed below are the top five items Faker has to win.

The one-vs-one tournament in the All-Star Event

We receive it. The All-Star Event is for-fun just, and it is kind of terrible form to go super tryhard. That is why last year’s event was really difficult to observe. That is why, at the one-vs-one championship, it is kind of terrible form to just grind out wins.

Nevertheless, it was shocking to see Faker drop to Pabu. He constructed a massive CS guide and only had to be patient. However, he stepped too much trying to strike skillshots and Pabu forced him cover.

To be honest, Pabu took lots of good players down to his conduct to the one-vs-one final. But perhaps this defeat will include gas to Faker’s flame and result in a large win.

On the other team

Now, Faker is interchangeable with his group, SK Telecom T1. During its history, SKT has ever favored building around mythical celebrities, and it is no different with Faker. Faker’s never needed to start completely over and triumph on a different team because SKT will be fools to let him move.

However, it would be sort of interesting to think about the possibilities. Following TSM kicked Yiliang”Doublelift” Peng into the curb past offseason, he instantly fell into a fantastic position with Team Liquid, winning two straight LCS names.

In case SKT is intelligent, we will not ever understand what it is like for Faker to acquire in another group’s colors. However, it sure could be interesting to observe.

In another area

However, why stop at another group? Considering that the Korean exodus at 2014, there has been constant speculation that Faker might combine a Chinese group to get a huge paycheck.

Who does not need to observe the both of them go in a conflict of regional excellence?

Perhaps Faker will pave a comparable route himself.

At another location

While we are at it, let us get really mad. It is already crazy enough to envision Faker wearing a different uniform. However, what when he switched places completely?

Among Faker’s earliest foes did it Kang”Ambition” Chan-yong proved to be a prosperous mid laner for its Blaze teams of 2012 and 2013. Subsequently Faker came and knocked him from mid lane using a drama that nobody could forget.

This was Faker’s very first expert kill. Ambition had success in lane after that, but not actually got revenge against Faker because of mid laner.

They dropped that closing in a 3-2 decision, however, Ambition was not done. He came back another year, also this moment, Samsung finished the sweep to dethrone the sins. That is the way we have this kickass music movie.

The KeSPA Cup

The majority of the things on those list are just dream. Faker is not likely to roleswap only so we are able to fawn over his jungle abilities. Next year should function as a large comeback year for Faker and SKT.

And nothing could initiate the better for them than a triumph in the forthcoming KeSPA Cup. Even Faker has a few pleasure, such as when he attempted pre-rework Galio.


However, this year seems different. SKT are incorporating a string of brand new players, the greatest change they have made to the roster because Faker arrived. It would be useful to see the staff attempt to match everyone collectively. Perhaps they will also get Faker his first name at this occasion and begin filling the hardly any empty places in his trophy case.

SKT’s got a bye during the initial phases of this KeSPA cup and can begin to play Thursday at 5am CT.

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Beastmaster – your ticket to the high MMR

beastmaster dota 2 off laner

While Valve nerfed Phantom Assassin and Magnus via small patches, Beastmaster slowly climbing to the top of the strongest heroes of the current meta. That hero is having 56% winrate and almost 60% in 2-5k MMR division. Partially that effect can be considered that the hero is quite easy in the new patch, partially – thanks to the quicker metagaming. That is why today I want to speak about Beastmaster as one of the strongest hard laners.


Until 7.20 patch, Beastmaster was an extremely unpopular hero (3rd from the end of the list), just a little bit more popular then Chen or Lone Druid. In the PlayOff stage of The International 2018 he was never been picked or banned, and in public games, he has only 46% winrate.  But right now he is just a little weaker then Visage in the top MMR division, while in the pubs on the level weaker he wins almost 60% of all games.

Beastmaster loves auras: Returning of the Vladimir’s Offering

Ring of Aquila is dead, and now Ring of Basilius could be upgraded only in one artifact. And the name of this artifact – Vladmir’s Offering. After recent changes, it becomes top 1 item in Dota 2 and every professional team focusing on getting one in the stash. Not only supports aiming to buy Vladmir, but even Core roles such as Troll Warlord or Phantom Assassin.

In the patch 7.20 Vladmir’s Offering became cheaper by 325 gold, and the armor it provides increased dramatically. In the new meta this item became must-have, and off-laners – are the first candidates who want to buy it. With Beastmaster in your team, destroying outer towers will not be a problem, especially if he has Vladmir’s Offering in his inventory.

Meta changes in 7.20

Affecting of the patch 7.20 on Beastmaster was missed by almost everyone but in the patch 7.20e, the hero received some minor nerfs. Therefore his winrate increased from 53% to 56% during the last month, without any changes in his abilities.

In the Meta where Shadow Fiend with Guardian Greaves become quite popular, and laning stage has such large influence in the whole game, Beastmaster feels himself on a Hard Lane as in his home. I want to remind that he is the second bannable hero of the last major tournament.

Beastmaster changes: Buffs

The one little nerf – Wild Axes no longer pierce through BKB, but all other abilities became much stronger. Call of the Wild was split on two abilities, right like in the before-7.07-times. Now Boar lives 40 seconds, while the CD on the summoning ability is only 30. That opening some small burst windows when you’d better stay away from that hero. And I need to mention that Boar received a HUGE buff, his attack damage was dramatically increased, on the 4th level of the Call of the Wild, the Boar is dealing 220% more damage than before. Considering buffs of the Primal Roar that affecting all control-units, Beastmaster became better not only in Team Fights but as a Solo assassin.

The Eagle now not as good as it used to be, but now you could have more than one on the map at the same time. 7.07 patch united Call of the Boar and Call of the Eagle into the one ability, but this not affected the popularity of this hero. Dota 2 heroes, which requires a lot of micro-control, always been less popular. That is why insanely-strong Visage is at the bottom of the popular now heroes.

Final thoughts

Beastmaster popularity doubled since the beginning of the 7.20 Dota 2 patch, perhaps the hero is now easier, or the people get used to the new meta, but you could not ignore this hero, especially if you interested in boosting MMR of your main account.

Remember that if you win the lane – almost always meaning win of the whole game. So Beastmaster is the top 1 priority to

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Worlds 2018 will be held in Korea


League of Legends: World Championship 2018

Riot games announced locations of all 4 major tournaments for League of Legends in the 2018 year. And one of these majors is a World Championship, also known as Worlds. This time Worlds will be held in South Korea.


Other tournaments are:

  • MSI 2018 – Germany, France;
  • Rift Rivals 2018 – North America, China, Brazil, Australia, Vietnam;
  • All Start 2019 – North America.

Last time South Korea hold LoL World Championship in the 2014 year when in finals the world-wide famous Imagine Dragons showed themselves. Among all community of the League of Legends, the final of that tournament is recognized as one of the best cybersport events in League of Legends.

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The International 2017 | Results and new Valve game

the international 2017

The International 2017 | Quick Review

The Grand Final of The International 2017 is ended. In the last two weeks, 18 best teams of the Dota 2 world fight for the biggest cyber sports prize found that equals to $24.633.871.

TI7 | Favorites

To the everyone’s disappointest, the main part of the favorites was not in their best form. One of the first team that left the world championship was the favorite of the American public Evil Geniuses – the team suffered two defeats in a row from NewBee and the dark horses of the tournament – Empire, and could not even enter the top-8. On the 9-12th place, Team Secret also stopped, which could not cope with the main competitors.

Perhaps the most insecure game in the playoffs showed the OG – from the group the team only went to the bottom grid with statistics 9-7. Even in the match with TnC, cautious actions were traced, and Tal “Fly” Aizik’s team looked very pale. The result of the top-8: take a rematch against the Filipinos and improve the result of the 2016 – succeeded, but already in the next game OG flew out of the tournament.

Team Empire – the dark horse of the tournament lost their main player right in the beginning of the tournament, but Resolut1on saved their day! Cloud 9 and Evil Geniuses can not stand against Russians. Virtus.Pro show a great result against Chinese commands along with the Liquid.

TI7 | Chinese teams

Nobody except the Spanish inquisition Chinese teams can achieve such high results. Four from the five Chinese commands ended in the upper tournament grid and earned honorable top6 places. The strongest of the Chinese teams are NewBee that earned second place and $3.950.067.

Chinese teams were the strongest in the tournament and only Team Liquid and Virtus.Pro could show a nice game against them. Team Liquid could manage to make five victories in a line and beat out the tournament most of the Middle Kingdom’s representatives.

liquid dota 2

In the Grand Final Kuroky and Co did not left any chances to the NewBee and we saw the perfect victory of The International for the first time. Liquid vs. NewBee – 3:0 for the first time in the history of The International.

TI7 | Results

team liquid dota 2

The International 2017 ended, and that’s how the teams were divided into places:

  1. Team Liquid – $10 794 903
  2. Newbee – $3 925 419
  3. LGD Forever Young – $2 576 056
  4. LGD Gaming – $1 717 371
  5. Invictus Gaming – $1 104 024
  6. Virtus.Pro – $1 104 024
  7. OG – $613 347
  8. Team Empire – $613 347
  9. Team Secret – $368 008
  10. Evil Geniuses – $368 008
  11. Digital Chaos – $368 008
  12. TnC – $368 008
  13. Execration – $122 669
  14. Cloud 9 – $122 669
  15. Infamous – $122 669
  16. IG.Vitality – $122 669
  17. HellRaisers – $61 335
  18. Fnatic – $61 335

The International 2017 | Other event and Info

As all other Internationals – The International 2017 show many other events, announces and competitions. For example, in this year for the first time was played the show-match with the prize found, and the five winners will immediately receive $100 000.

The Results of the Show Match:

  1. Team Radiant (RAMZES666, Suma1L, s4, BoBoKa, KuroKy)
  2. Team Dire (n0tail, Miracle, Universe, kaka, Solo)

Dendi Vs. OpenAI

Another show match was a surprise for all visitors of the TI7, in the play-off, OpenAI presented their smart bot, that play against one of the most popular Dota 2 player – Dendi. The rules of the match were standard – players play on Shadow Fiends and the side that loses the tower or which hero will be killed two times will lose the game.

Dendi starts to lose the game from the very first minutes. AI ideally stopped all creeps and quickly attack Dendi any time he wants to heal himself or to regen some mana. Just After three minutes, Dendi died in the first time, and only after a minute, he died in the second time.

As developers said they spend a lot of time to build this bot. They spent one year, and two weeks AI was tested with the real players. Developers said that in the next TI they will create a whole AI team, that will be able to play 5×5 matches.

New Dota 2 Heroes

The last TI always announced new heroes, and this time is not an exception. In this year Valve surprised everyone and announced two completely new characters. At the moment we do not know who are they, and which roles they can take, but I sure that soon we will know everything about them.

One is a unique hybrid of an Armadillo and a Cat, that is armed with the Rapier. All we know, that he is a very agile hero.

Other is a fairy creature, that shows in the movie just for a couple of seconds.

Other TI7 Events

At the main tournament of the year, there were a lot of interesting things – from the competition of short films and voting for Arkana set of items (Pudge wins), to stunning matches and a large number of the most diverse content from the lighting staff that you can see In our section.

The International 2017 has come to an end. Now both developers and professional players leave for a short break, but very soon both fans of professional dota and simple players will be awarded with a lot of cool stuff. Detailed information on the new characters, a huge patch v7.07, the second act of the Battle Pass campaign and a new Arcana for Pudge.

Love CCG? Meet the Artifact: The DOTA Card Game

The whole new game was announced in The International 2017. But this was not a Half-Life 3, or the new part of the Portal. This time Valve decided to create their own collection card game and released Artifact: The DOTA Card Game.

artifact the dota card game

Day 9 said something about the very concept of the game, and he said that Artifact is a game that looks like a Hearthstone, but with three lanes and some other Dota 2 attributes.

I played a little, i was destroyed on two lanes. I tried to build barracks and spam creeps.

Also, we know that the game developer is the main game designer from Double Fine, that early worked on tactical RPG Massive Chalice and coop Tower Defense game – Trenched.

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Overwatch | Anniversary

Overwatch Anniversary 2017

Overwatch | Anniversary event

As was promised earlier, on May 23 Overwatch began to celebrate the first birthday of the game. There are no special events like “Uprising” this time, but there are many other interesting additions and changes.

First, all the characters learned to dance: for example, Tracer dances Charleston, Angel – Hustle, and Farra plays on an imaginary guitar. Dancing was added to the emotions section. Secondly, a dozen of legendary skins was created: D.Va can be dressed up in a pinup, and you can make from Lucio a jazz musician (with this skin, even the compositions change on acceleration and healing!). Third, there are a lot of small things – profile icons, replicas, and graffiti.

Overwatch Anniversary event

The above is part of the “Anniversary” and is caught in special containers. As usual, at the time of the event, all standard boxes were replaced with special ones. They will fall until 12 June.

However, not all new cosmetics are available exclusively at the event. Orisa, Sombra, Reaper and Tracer received several standard emotions – they can be obtained at any time.

Anniversary new maps

Finally, Blizzard expanded the list of arenas: “Necropolis” near the Anubis temple, “Castillo” near Dorado and “The Black Forest” near Eichenwald were added to the “Ecological Station: Antarctica“. These arenas will become part of the “Duel” and “Liquidation” regimes and show the life of the heroes of the game (more about this – in the videos below).

Overwatch Anniversary

The rules of these modes, by the way, have changed a little. In “Duels” now there is a limited choice of characters instead of a random hero. And in the “Liquidation” system is blocking one the fighters, with whom you have already won in one of the rounds. That is, the most powerful bundle of Roadhog, Ana, Soldier-76 will from now on be seen much less often.

Blizzard also thought about those who are not familiar with Overwatch yet. The company will hold a free weekend in the game on all platforms from 26 to 30 May. In addition, the shooter is now sales with a discount.

Other news about the gaming industry:

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League of Legends | Ranked matches in Season 7 | Elo SoloQ S7

elo ranked games

League of Legends | Ranking games 2017

In the 2016 year, the Riot games made a huge mistake, they get rid of the SoloQ and DuoQ. Some of the most loyal players took this as a betrayal from their beloved company. But Riots admit that they were wrong, and in 2017 they will bring back SoloQ and DuoQ.

lol elo leagues

For courageous players who love to play in SoloQ or DuoQ Riot bring back Solo/Duo queue. For ones who love competitive spirit it moba games, Riot transform dynamic queue into flexible.

If you having a great joy by playing a League of Legends but just can not afford to play for 20 hours per week to promote his Elo then you can use some services that can boost your account to the desired highs. Just find a decent company to order lol boosting and do everything you can to hold this position.

SoloQ and DuoQ in LoL

The new system is much alike the old one, that was in 2015. Stand in queue solo or with a best friend and do your best to earn Gold or any higher Elo division. The only thing that is looking differently is that now you could choose two roles that your prefer. And the Challenger division available only to Solo players.

Flexible queue

Flexible queue gives an opportunity to play with groups up to five peoples, just like a dynamic queue in season 6 – and those who will play in both queues will receive an additional reward in the season’s end. If you have a team that focused on a victory, then just try to participate in those matches.

Team queue that LoL has at the moment will be added into the new queue system. FlexQ will be available from 9 p.m. to 4 p.m. seven days per a week.

Ranking games | Changes in Season 7

We all must rejoice because Riots finally returned SoloQ and DuoQ, but what changes they amplify to them? Let’s look a little bit closer at all changes.

Those of you who follow Riots and read every their comment now may wonder, what are these changes everybody is talking about? During a long time Riots tried to add SoloQ/DuoQ next door to the DynamicQ. All available paths are looked quite bad, and Riot thinks that they will ruin both of these regimes. They even thinking about to enhance just the Dynamic queue to make it cool for everyone, like for the peoples who sincerely hate to play against premade teams.

During Season 6 Riot can enhance their ranking system a lot, and the same structure of the dynamic queue, and that is why they now sure that they could create two separate ranking queues.

Besides of the group size restrictions, we have other differences that these queues have:

  • The ability to carry the whole game with only one champion. Only a few groups of players thinking about their future strategy, but in the SoloQ peoples rely on their ability to carry games just by themselves. Only your ability to play League of Legends in a right way can bring you a victory!
  • The other thing that is much different from the Dynamic queue is the ability to unite the whole team in SoloQ and DuoQ. You need to become a strong leader, that can adapt to the all dangerous that can meet you on your long road to victory.

But the Dynamic Queue will receive next benefits after all solo and duo players will leave the DynamicQ:

  • At the champion choosing screen players need to focus on a creation of a balanced team, think about gaming strategy in the mid and late game. But no all the solo players wanted to adapt to your team.
  • A dynamic queue has it own Meta, where players are focused on an early ganks and push.

Possible Issues

But dividing Dynamic queue into two lesser can affect the waiting time. Every queue needs its own solo players. In different regions, this problem can show itself differently, so Riots will precisely look at the whole situation. If this problem will show itself, then Riots will make changes in a dynamic queue,  and only 5-man-group can enter it.

lol elo divisions

Riots always wanted to give a special competitive experience to the players, wherever they play – group, solo or duo.

Ranked games | champion select

Since the Season 7 the champion selection phase is updated. New Draft pick allows you to choose a primary and secondary position (Mid, Jungle, Top, Support, ADC).

The champion selection phase includes next phases:

  • Pick intent: You can declare a champion that you wanted to play is a short period before and after banning. This has no effect on other players, besides just showing them your favorite champion that you want to play.
  • Banning phase: All players must choose a champion to ban during 30 seconds, banned champion can not be picked by both teams and all bans happen during the same time. Team mates can not ban the same champion, but your choice may be the same, as the enemy team has.
  • Champion selection: Players are given position that based on the 2 roles they chose before in the lobby. Each player pick champion turn by turn.
  • Trade: Players can trade chosen champions. One player can initiate the trade and if the other player confirms the trade, then your champions will be swapped. it is possible to execute multiple trades before the game begins.
  • Leaves: never leave a match, or you will receive a penalty. You will be restricted from the entering ranking queue for 6 minutes. If you leave more than one ranked game, then this time can be increased to one hour.

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Little Nightmares | DLC announced?

Little Nightmares

It’s been exactly three weeks since the moment when a scary puzzle platformer – Little Nightmares from the authors of the LittleBigPlanet 3 and Tearaway Unfolded from Tarsier Studios entered the market.

Little Nightmares new cutscene

Coocker Little Nightmare

In honor of this event, the publisher of the game Bandai Namco Entertainment released a new trailer of Little Nightmares with commendable reviews from various game resources. However, do not rush to pass by, even more so if you already have this platformer! The most interesting opens in the last seconds of the video.

In the finale of the trailer, you can see how the main character of the Little Nightmares – Sixth watches at the certain young boy (or girl?), which seems reach the outside world. It’s a pity, that it’s completely unclear whether Tarsier Studios is so hinting at the upcoming DLC, or the next game (maybe about the Fifth or Seventh).

Other articles that may interest you:

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Rumors: Bayonetta in STEAM


While other companies compete in the sense of humor, SEGA seems serious enough. Apparently, the Japanese are going to port to PC game Bayonetta – is a popular slasher from Platinum Games with sexy lady in the title role.

Sexy lady against angels and demons

Everything started with the fact that SEGA released in Steam free fun 8-Bit Bayonetta. Simple meaning: Bajonetta stands on the ground, bounces, shoots for her enemies and score points. The most interesting is hiding in pictures: there you can find a link that leads to the official website of SEGA.

Bayonetta STEAM

This page is a timer with a reverse readout, and in the background is corporate heavy heel. Some event will take place on 11 April in 12:00. It is logical to assume that SEGA thus alludes to the re-release of Bayonetta for the PC and maybe modern consoles.

Sad news about Bayonetta’s sequel

It should be noted that SEGA will most likely be able to port only the first game in the series. As reported by users of the Forum NeoGAF, rights on Bayonetta 2 remained in the hands of Nintendo — no wonder that sequel was created on their money exclusively for Wii U! However, many fans surely will be happy for the first part: they are very long asked SEGA to port Bayonetta from consoles to a PC.

Of course, the probability remains that the Japanese decided to make fun of thus computing community — after all, today is a April Fool’s day! But the people believed that for the April Fool joke that teaser looks too cool.

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We Happy Few – the Movie


Usually a known games like Hitman or Assassin’s Creed acquire a Movie. But sometimes filmmakers eyeing smaller intellectual property. How, for example, it happened with psychedelic game – We Happy Few that even do not release and still is in “early access”.

Another Video Game will become a Film

According to Variety, production company Gold Circle Entertainment, which gave the world the “Ideal Voice” and “Ghosts in Connecticut“, wished to withdraw the film based on an original game with retrofuturistics world, happiness pills and evil people from independent studios Compulsion Games. And dj2 Entertainment, that also has obligations to transfer to the big screen games like Life Is Strange, Sonic The Hedgehog and Sleeping Dogs, will help them.


While it is too early to say what will come out of the We Happy Few, because the project is only in its early stages, and producers have only started looking for writers and actors.

Meanwhile, the Creative Director of Compulsion Games Guillaume Provost confirms that this is not a joke in honor of the last Day of fools, and adds, thet film company themselves came to developers and enthusiastically expressed “really good” ideas about how to make We Happy Few, while maintaining “a sense of threat, macabre humor and the central theme” of the original.

Last words

While the executive director, DJ2 Entertainment Dmitri Johnson, promises to make a film that “will remain true to the original material,” but “surprise the fans”.