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The best strategies for climbing in Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight tactics auto battler

Strategies and Champions for Teamfight Tactics boosting

Teamfight Tactics is a new IP by the Riot Games. It is a game in an Auto Battler genre that gains awesome popularity in the past few months. With the release of the ranked mode, you could claim the same ranks as in League of Legends: From Iron to the Challenger. So this guide with the strongest synergies between classes and origins might become extremely useful for you! Use it and you will see how good you are in teamfight tactics boost matches.

Wild Dragons: Shapeshifters, Dragons, Sourcerers, Wild

This is an incredible strategy that is relying on three bonuses, and all of them are crossing with each other. That is why this is quite an easy-to-build an army. For this strategy you will need 7 champions:

  • Shapeshifters to tank – Gnar, Shivanna, Needalee;
  • Wildlings to increase the attack speed – Gnar, Needalee, Ahri, Warwick;
  • Dragons for the magic immunity – Aurelion Sol, Shivanna;
  • Sourcerer to gain a bonus from synergy – Brand, Aurelion Sol, Ahri.

The base of this army is simple – you start with the Ahri, Needalee, and Warwick to quickly gain 3 wild bonus and then expand it with Gnar and Aurelion Sol. If you are unlucky with the Gnar, he could be changed with Regnar for a time, and add an Elise to gain a bonus from shapeshifters a bit earlier.

Aurelion Sol Teamfight Tactics

So let’s talk a bit about items – Sol needs Spear of Shojin or Rabadon’s deathcap to give him two additional attacking skills and increasing his potential.

Assassins from the Void: Assassin, Void

This build could deal a ton of damage to enemy players in the early stage of the game. Thanks to the 3 Void champions you will ignore 50% of armor so that means that you need someone who could deal a terrible amount of damage. Well, Assassins are here and they will deal a ton of damage!

So in this build, you will need the next champion:

  • Cassadin, Kha’Zix, Cho’Gathvoid stalkers that will decrease armor of enemies;
  • Akali, Katarina, Pike, Zed, Talon, Regnar to gain an Assassin’s bonus that will give a chance to deal a million damage with the one blow.

Zed Teamfight Tactics

At the first stages, you could use Rek’Sai as the third Void champion. But the strength of Cho’Gath is incredible, so you need to change Rek’Sai with it as soon as possible. What about items? Regnar and Kha’Zix need all the items but remember that Katarina needs Tear of Goddess to expand here mana pool and cast her spells more frequently.

Full Elementalists: Glacial, Elementalists

This is my favorite – firstly you will freeze enemies and then burn them all to the cinders. Icy champions will hold an enemy team in fear and tank a lot of damage, Elementalist will summon additional unit, while Brand will annihilate all who left alive. Overall for this strategy, you will need the next champions:

  • Volibear, Anivia, Braum, Sejuani, Ashe, Lissandra – for the 6 glacial buff and increased stun chance (in addition to the Volibear and Sejuani abilities);
  • Brand – to finish your elementalists to summon an additional unit that will tank a lot of damage.

Brand teamfight Tactics

Anivia is not the best choice for the role of the Legendary champion, and that is why the function of the third Elementalist must do Kennen. But in this case, you will lose the 6 glacial bonus, and that is not crucial. All the damage will be done by Brand, so additional unit, that will appear thanks to the 3 Elementalists, will be much better. And all items must be stored in the Brand due to his damage output.

TFT Strategies: Conclusion

In this current moment, these are the best combinations and team compositions in Teamfight Tactics, but developers are continuously updating their project and enhancing the game. That is why in the future, more effective compositions might appear, or these might be nerfed. But in this case, I’ll do my best to update this guide or just release another one! Stay frosty:)