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Faker: 5 more things that he should win

League of Legends

He’s in the dialogue for the best esports player of all time. He has won major championships on several continents.

Faker: The legend of the League of Legends, but how he can become better?

However, as we have been reminded of only a couple of weeks back at the yearly League All-Star Event, there are in fact several things Faker has not won. He had been in the running to acquire the one-vs-one championship, but a vital mistake against OCE participant Jackson”Pabu” Pavone resulted in some dramatic angry that nobody saw coming.

That got us to thinking: Are there any other things that Faker has not won? After a lot of names, he may want some reminding that there is still space in his trophy case. He is coming to 2019 using a new-look group filled with celebrities. Add in some excess motivation, and it might be a scary season for anybody seeking to go against God.

Faker lol

Listed below are the top five items Faker has to win.

The one-vs-one tournament in the All-Star Event

We receive it. The All-Star Event is for-fun just, and it is kind of terrible form to go super tryhard. That is why last year’s event was really difficult to observe. That is why, at the one-vs-one championship, it is kind of terrible form to just grind out wins.

Nevertheless, it was shocking to see Faker drop to Pabu. He constructed a massive CS guide and only had to be patient. However, he stepped too much trying to strike skillshots and Pabu forced him cover.

To be honest, Pabu took lots of good players down to his conduct to the one-vs-one final. But perhaps this defeat will include gas to Faker’s flame and result in a large win.

On the other team

Now, Faker is interchangeable with his group, SK Telecom T1. During its history, SKT has ever favored building around mythical celebrities, and it is no different with Faker. Faker’s never needed to start completely over and triumph on a different team because SKT will be fools to let him move.

However, it would be sort of interesting to think about the possibilities. Following TSM kicked Yiliang”Doublelift” Peng into the curb past offseason, he instantly fell into a fantastic position with Team Liquid, winning two straight LCS names.

In case SKT is intelligent, we will not ever understand what it is like for Faker to acquire in another group’s colors. However, it sure could be interesting to observe.

In another area

However, why stop at another group? Considering that the Korean exodus at 2014, there has been constant speculation that Faker might combine a Chinese group to get a huge paycheck.

Who does not need to observe the both of them go in a conflict of regional excellence?

Perhaps Faker will pave a comparable route himself.

At another location

While we are at it, let us get really mad. It is already crazy enough to envision Faker wearing a different uniform. However, what when he switched places completely?

Among Faker’s earliest foes did it Kang”Ambition” Chan-yong proved to be a prosperous mid laner for its Blaze teams of 2012 and 2013. Subsequently Faker came and knocked him from mid lane using a drama that nobody could forget.

This was Faker’s very first expert kill. Ambition had success in lane after that, but not actually got revenge against Faker because of mid laner.

They dropped that closing in a 3-2 decision, however, Ambition was not done. He came back another year, also this moment, Samsung finished the sweep to dethrone the sins. That is the way we have this kickass music movie.

The KeSPA Cup

The majority of the things on those list are just dream. Faker is not likely to roleswap only so we are able to fawn over his jungle abilities. Next year should function as a large comeback year for Faker and SKT.

And nothing could initiate the better for them than a triumph in the forthcoming KeSPA Cup. Even Faker has a few pleasure, such as when he attempted pre-rework Galio.


However, this year seems different. SKT are incorporating a string of brand new players, the greatest change they have made to the roster because Faker arrived. It would be useful to see the staff attempt to match everyone collectively. Perhaps they will also get Faker his first name at this occasion and begin filling the hardly any empty places in his trophy case.

SKT’s got a bye during the initial phases of this KeSPA cup and can begin to play Thursday at 5am CT.