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Street Fighter V: Plans on future

Steet Fighter

Street Fighters V Will be supported till 2020 year.

Street Fighter V

In the inreview to the Famitsu general producer of Capcom studio Yoshinori Ono tell that the studio have a plans for this game and that they will not end support until 2020 year.

Also Ono said that this is not the title that is supposed to be supported for 1-2 years and company, at the moment, discuss which steps they will do to promote 5 part of this famous fighting. Updates will be regular, but what they will contain, Ono is not ready to tell us.

Capcom planing to release another game of another seria until next part of Street Fighters, but they focused on the promotion of cybersport path of the Street Fighter V and maintaining big events.

Basic informatiom about Street Fighter V

Steet Fighter

Street Fighter V – is a video game in a Fighting Genre, was developed and published by Capcom company. It is 2d fighting with a 3d graphic, the main task of player – achive victory over an opponent with using various combos.

While using those combos you fill energy bar, that has 3 marks (Like in Street Fighter x Tekken). 1 mark is used to provide Special attack – EX-special. And full bar can be using to make a devastating combinations of attacks – Critical Art. Also SFV has a stun bar, if you fill it with your attacks then enemy will be Dizze.

Main feature of this game is a V-Gauge. V-gauge fills after attacks that you receive or after using V-skills. V-gauge marks are various for each character. When you gain at least 1 mark of V-gauge you can perform a V-Reversal, that is analogue to Apha Counter from Alpha seria, and if you fill all marks of V-Gauge you can use your V-Triggerspecific for each character ability  (Increase damage, Summon a partner and etc).

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